Project Description

The BMW Museum in Munich, measuring a total exhibition space of 5,000 square meters, was inaugurated in June 2008. A wide range of media stations are housed in seven theme buildings with 25 exhibition rooms. One of the most spectacular installations is a 700-square-meter LED wall that surrounds the inner BMW courtyard. With a pixel pitch of 20 mm and monochrome white LEDs spaced apart behind glass facades, it is no doubt a globally unique wall projection. The “bowl” itself houses the Visual Symphony, a 360° cinema consisting of 18 high-performance DLP projectors. The complete audio design of the museum is based on a multichannel installation and a total of 270 audio channels with 540 loudspeakers were installed. medienprojekt p2 supported the Berlin design agency Art+Com in planning, tendering and Munich site supervision.

Copyright images: Atelier Brückner
Photography: Marcus Meyer, Marcus Buck

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