• Conceptual consultation in the area of media technology
  • Support for architecture competitions
  • Feasibility studies
  • Research and results compilation relating to special technical solutions
  • Cost estimates for budgeting purposes
  • Preparation of surveys in the field of media technology
  • Development of alternative solutions
  • Evaluations/statements/recommendations


  • Research into basic requirements
  • Listing of requirements, clarification of task, system analysis (research and clarification of benefits, cost, profitability and technical feasibility)
  • Preliminary planning
  • Analysis of fundamentals, organisation of test set-ups to clarify difficult technical issues, development of a planning concept, creation of circuit and logic diagrams.
  • Interface coordination between the various disciplines involved and costing.
  • Implementation planning
  • Development of technical solution including all required details.
  • Tenders
  • Compilation of tender documentation and service specifications, assessment of submissions, preparation of a placement recommendation, involvement in contract placement talks.


  • Coordination and harmonisation between the technical disciplines involved, representation of client on specialist issues, monitoring of construction progress, monitoring of test set-ups, coordination of interfaces, deadline coordination, technical construction supervision on site.
  • Implementation and recording of approvals.


  • Quality control of implementation
  • Cost control and accounts verification
  • Involvement in creating technical documentation
  • Elaboration of operating concepts